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Clarity: Problem Solving & Communications Made Tangible

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Next month I’m running a MasterClass on Business Model Innovation in Boston. The day before, our Strategyzer partner Holger Nils Pohl will run a workshop on How to Create Strategic Clarity with Visual Tools. I’m particularly excited about this because most meetings & communications are dominated by words only. That’s simply not enough in today’s complex world. Join me at Holger’s workshop. Participants of my Strategyzer MasterClass get a discount. 

Stop using words and thinking when you struggle to solve difficult problems that keep you up at night. Research shows that visual tools and diagrams are more effective and more likely to generate creative solutions. A study by Richard E. Mayer shows that a group of participants that gets a multi sensory design brief (visual, verbal, hands-on, etc.) creates 50% more creative solutions for a problem-solving test, than a group with single sensory input.

At Strategyzer we’ve applied (and succeed with applying) visual tools to strategic innovation problems for a decade. We use tools such as the Business Model Canvas, Value Proposition Canvas, Culture Map, Business Portfolio Map, Strategy Canvas, Strategy Maps, and Team Alignment Map. It’s incredible how much more productive and effective workshops and meetings get with these tools. That’s not all. They substantially improve clarity when it comes to strategic communications, in particular when solutions were co-created. 

Join me at Holger’s workshop. You’ll learn a lot more about why visual tools work, and discover a whole range of tools beyond those I will focus on in the MasterClass (Business Model Canvas, Value Proposition Canvas, Business Portfolio Map). Holger will also help you apply visual tools to your day-to-day business & communications.

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