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6 Essential Links For Preparing A Strategy & Innovation Workshop

Kavi Guppta

Collaboration is key to achieving alignment around a strategic vision for your company, and workshops are a great way to get everyone working together. We’ve gathered our 6 essential blog posts on designing, running, and managing a strategy and innovation workshop experience so you can enjoy them all in one place. Dig into loads of practical advice.

How To Design Great Workshops

In this post we outline the guidelines we use to design productive workshops. We use this approach for workshops internally at Strategyzer, and within our Masterclass programs.

Discussion: Concrete Tips For Running An Effective Workshop

Expert workshop organizer and facilitator, Alison Coward, shares detailed advice and tips on preparing, designing and running a workshop. This is a great conversation with loads of practical advice.

3 Ways The Business Model & Value Proposition Canvas Can Improve Your Strategy Workshop

In this post, we share how the Business Model & Value Proposition Canvases can be powerful tools for productive conversations in a business and strategy workshop.

5 Characteristics Of A Great Strategy Workshop Facilitator

Workshop facilitators are some of the most important people in the room during a strategy session. These 5 tips will help you brush up on your approach, and ensure that attendees can be guided toward productive results from the workshop session.

Dig into real-life examples.

How To Create Organizational Alignment

The Strategyzer team meets regularly for workshop sessions that allow us to re-align and look ahead as a company. In this post we detail how a 3-day workshop experience and the exercises we performed helped to get us there.

Strategyzer & Toyota Financial Services: How An Off Site Created Strategic Alignment For Growth

Learn how Toyota Financial Services (TFS) adopted Strategyzer’s tools to strengthen the organisation’s alignment around a strategic business goal. We detail how a 3-day workshop got TFS speaking a shared language on where the business needs to go next.

Learn & Ideate

Train a team on-site with our hands-on workshops delivered by a certified Strategyzer trainer over one or two days.

Testing Business Ideas

How to increase the success of any venture.

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Testing Business Ideas
Testing Business Ideas

Testing Business Ideas

How to increase the success of any venture.

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