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13 Essential Strategyzer Links On Organizational Culture

Dig into free tools like the Culture Map, best practices on discussing and capturing your organizational culture, and study real life business examples as a reference to help you achieve your desired company culture.

Get-to-know the Culture Map tool

In true Strategyzer fashion, we introduce a tool to make conversations around company culture less fuzzy and more tangible.

The Culture Map: A Systematic & Intentional Tool For Designing Great Company Culture

In this post we introduce The Culture Map, a new tool that focuses on employee development and aids in building better performing companies.

Best Practices: How To Use The Culture Map

After thousands of downloads of the Culture Map, we share 7 best practices for using the Culture Map in collaborative sessions.

8 Concrete Tips On How To Intentionally Design Great Corporate Culture

Culture Map creator Dave Gray and Strategyzer co-founder Alex Osterwalder discuss in incredible detail the importance of great corporate culture and how it can be designed.

Lessons on intentionally designing your company culture

See the Culture Map in action, along with references to real-life companies that are intentionally designing great company cultures.

Don’t Let Your Company Culture Just Happen

In this post we explain how to intentionally design culture that engages individuals, teams and leadership to contribute their best work, and we give you a tool and approach to help you do it.

Discussion: Companies Are Waking Up To Business Model Innovation

16 years since the release of the Business Model Canvas, companies are slowly waking up the importance of business model innovation. Listen in on how organizations will have to transform the internal culture to succeed in a world of frequent business model innovation.

How Large Companies Can Create A Lean Startup Culture For Strategy & Innovation

Strategyzer co-founder Alex Osterwalder explains how large companies can invent a Lean Startup culture that embraces quick and cheap innovation alongside a company's existing execution culture.

How Jeff Bezos Maintains Amazon’s Killer Company Culture

We dig through Jeff Bezos's letter to shareholders and unearth concrete examples of how Bezos builds a company culture that constantly pioneers in new spaces. At the end of this post, we give you a concrete way to capture your culture with Amazon as a reference.

Why Your Company Might Be About To Have A Kodak Moment

Good innovation doesn’t necessarily have to be tied to a product or technology if the value proposition creates value for your customers, and your business model creates value for the company. Good business model innovation starts with your culture.

Org chart of the future

Who are the people inside your organization that can guide the company to future success? We share our thoughts on what the org chart of the 21st century could be.

Innovation Shouldn’t Be Career Suicide

Innovation in a big company is an incredibly difficult task that can very easily result in failure; or worse, career suicide for talented staff. It can be avoided, but it requires an understanding of leadership, culture and process that encourages constant experimentation, potential failure, and iteration.

The C-Suite Needs A Chief Entrepreneur

CEOs are excellent at growing and running a company within a known business model. But they fall short at the task of innovating future growth engines. In this post, Alex Osterwalder outlines a new role: the Chief Entrepreneur. The Chief Entrepreneur is responsible for leading the future of the company while the CEO takes care of the existing business. Could that person be you?

6 Roles To Position Your Company For The Future

Alex Osterwalder presents to you his org chart for innovation. Let’s take a look at some of the key roles responsible for managing the exploration of completely new value propositions and business models.

How Big Companies Can Make The Intrapreneur Sexy Again

To be an entrepreneur is sexy. It comes with fame and prestige and money. Why can’t intrapreneurs be given that same career track for business innovation inside of a large company? In this post Alex Osterwalder shares a few thoughts on how this role can be important again.

Why Intrapreneurs Are Not Rewarded Like Sales People

Intrapreneurs--people who build new ventures inside of a company--create billion dollar businesses for their companies, but they’re not rewarded like salespeople who also create billion dollar revenues for their companies. In this post Alex Osterwalder shares a few thoughts on what’s happening today, and why it should be changed.

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