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Webinar Replay: Ask Us Anything About Value Proposition Design

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If you missed our last webinar session or just want to watch it again, the full broadcast is now available on our blog. Alex Osterwalder & Gregory Bernarda, co-authors of Value Proposition Design, answered audience questions on challenge areas with the tools, concepts, and methodologies from the book. Dig in and enjoy. 

In this broadcast, Alex & Greg share insights on:

  • How to design and test value propositions for B2B contexts
  • How to convince senior management to adopt Value Proposition Design
  • How departments in sales, marketing, and engineering make use of Value Proposition Design for their specific needs
  • How to define a product versus a value proposition

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Want to dig deeper into the tools and methdologies directly from the source? Join Value Proposition Design co-author Gregory Bernarda in Hong Kong for a 2-day fully hands-on workshop.


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