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(Closed) Join Strategyzer: We're Hiring For An Online Course & Learning Designer

Strategyzer is seeking an Online Course & Learning Designer to join our global Content Team. Work directly with co-founder Alex Osterwalder and shape the way thousands of people do business around the world. Think this is you? Read the role description and submit your CV. 

Join our Strategyzer Content Team as an Online Course & Learning Designer to shape the way thousands of people do business around the globe. This is a unique opportunity to work directly with Alex Osterwalder and some of the world's greatest companies.

Note: This job is not a consulting position.

With your proven instructional skills you help our most important clients change, grow, or reinvent themselves on a large scale. We don’t train people - we make change happen. Your tasks include composing online courses from our course module library, designing practical exercises, writing copy, and helping extend our content library. This job requires proficiency in the tools and methods described in our two global bestsellers, Business Model Generation and Value Proposition Design (1m+ copies in nearly 40 languages).

4 Things That Make This Job A Great Value Proposition

We believe this is a great opportunity because it offers you:

  1. Impact: Change the way leading companies do business. Our tools, processes, online courses, and applications change the way people do strategy, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Our customers include great brands like MasterCard, Colgate, Intel, Nestlé, Medtronic, Fujitsu, and many more. Join us to make change happen worldwide.

  2. Personal Growth: Learn constantly with and from a world class content team. You will join an amazing content team with a proven track record and a global audience. We crafted two management book bestsellers with over a million copies sold. Our online courses are used by leading companies. Yet, we strive to learn more every day. Join us, learn with us. You will be personally trained by Alex Osterwalder.

  3. Flexibility & Convenience: Enjoy flexible workdays & work from anywhere. We have offices in Zurich and Toronto, but half of our team is distributed. Join us to experience how globally distributed teams work in the 21st century.

  4. Great Company Culture: Join a world-class team doing their best work ever. We have a strict "No asshole rule”, based on Bob Sutton’s management book bestseller. We only hire people who are great, yet humble and strive to do the best work of their career as part of a brilliant team.

5 Characteristics That Make Hiring You Irresistible:

To join us you bring the following non-negotiable characteristics to the party. You are:

  1. Proficient with the tools & methodologies we use: Business Model Canvas, Value Proposition Canvas, Customer Development & Lean Startup, Blue Ocean Strategy, Balanced Scorecard / Strategyzer Maps, and the Culture Map are household names to you. Candidates who don’t know these tools well (in particular the ones we developed) should only apply if they can compensate with a world-class track record in designing online courses.

  2. Passionate and practical about educating people and getting them to change: You have a proven instructional design track record. In your career you've designed business courses that got people not just to learn, but to change their behavior and get stuff done. Ideally, you have a track record of designing successful online courses.

  3. An outstanding writer and communicator: This job requires writing clear course copy and simple instructions for exercises. Your language is uncomplicated, reliable and needs no further editing. Native English speakers/writers have an advantage. You have a love for simplicity, brevity, and visual communication almost more than words.

  4. An organizational powerhouse: You are outstanding at planning and coordination. You are great at juggling multiple priorities and work well under pressure. You are proactive, not reactive and ask questions rather than letting topics go undiscussed. You have a history of getting things done.

  5. A person who strives to do their best work ever. You want to be among the best in your field worldwide, no less!

4 Things You Will do

In your role as an online course designer you will:

  1. Design online courses for the leading companies of this world. Your main role is to get people in some of the world’s greatest companies to learn & apply the tools in our books and beyond (e.g. Business Models, Value Propositions, Lean Startup, Culture Map, etc.). This includes:

    • Interacting with clients and understanding business & course requirements.

    • Designing courses from pre-existing content modules.

    • Working with course facilitators.

  2. Write copy and design exercises for course and course modules.

    • A lot of the course copy and exercises are client-specific. Hence, adapting courses requires customization.

    • Copywriting includes introductions, client communications, best practices, lessons learned, etc.

    • Designing exercises includes coming up with client- and course-specific exercises, creating the required slides, etc. This requires the ability to be concise and pedagogical in the simplest possible way without being simplistic.  

  3. Create new content. Part of your time is dedicated to creating new content. This includes, for example, case studies, slides to teach new concepts, best practices, etc. This requires exceptional conceptual thinking skills.

Work directly with Alex Osterwalder. In your role as an online course designer and content creator you work directly with Alex Osterwalder, Thinkers50 Strategy Award winner and #15 among the leading business thinkers of the world. FT considers this the “Oscars Of Management Thinking”.

About Strategyzer

Strategyzer is a young, fast-growing, and profitable global platform business (software tools, online courses, workshops and various other content formats). Its business tools, applications, and content are used in leading companies, startups, social enterprises, and world class academic institutions alike. Strategyzer strives to become the strategic operating system for the world’s largest and most successful organizations.

Strategyzer published Business Model Generation and Value Proposition Design, two visual management books that broke the mold for business books and sold over a million copies in nearly 40 languages. Its business tools (Business Model and Value Proposition Canvas, Progress Board, Culture Map) are used by millions of business people around the world and its online courses and platform include customers like MasterCard, Colgate, Intel, Nestlé, Medtronic, Fujitsu, and many more. They use Strategyzer to transform their companies, design new growth engines, and reinvent their business.   

How to Apply

Are you are interested in this position and believe you have the qualifications and passion to match? Please send a cover letter along with your CV to Alex Osterwalder by clicking the button below.

Successful candidates pass three consecutive stages:

  1. Screening of your CV.

  2. Job interviews.

  3. Hiring challenge.

We’re looking forward to your application

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