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The tools and resources mentioned in our blog posts, webinars, and books are available for free in our Resource Library. Learn more about what’s inside, and how you can access 30+ tools for free.

Business tools are important for developing a shared language and structure approach to strategy and innovation. That’s why we’ve made our popular tools available to you for download.

You can access the Resource Library by clicking on the following link in blog posts where we mention specific tools and resources:

Sign up to our Resource Library and access 30+ tools to help you with your business. It's free and only takes a moment. 

Simply sign-up for full access to the library. It only takes a minute.

Here’s what’s inside:

Canvas & Main Tools

Access our most popular tools for designing, discussing and communicating existing or new value proposition and business models.

  • The Business Model & Value Proposition Canvas

  • Test Card

  • Learning Card

  • Progress Board

Business Model Supporting Tools

Access assessments and quick guides to help you design, prototype, and test new business models. Go deeper into the learnings from Business Model Generation with these tools:

  • 7 Questions To Assess Your Business Model Design

  • Business Model Canvas Constraints

  • Designing Crystal Clear Business Model Canvases

  • Testing Your Business Model A Reference Guide

  • The Business Model Canvas Instruction Manual

  • The Business Model Design Space Card Deck

Value Proposition Supporting Tools

Access assessments, tools and quick guides to help you gather customer evidence and insights for new and existing value propositions. Go deeper into the learnings from Value Proposition Design with these tools:

  • 10 Characteristics of Great Value Propositions (Checklist)

  • A Day In The Life (Worksheet)

  • Ad Lib Value Proposition (Template)

  • Customer Jobs, Pains, And Gains Trigger Questions

  • Gain Creators Trigger Questions

  • Identify High Value Jobs

  • Pain Relievers Trigger Questions

  • Sell Your Colleagues On Value Proposition Design

  • Six Ways To Innovate From The Customer Profile

  • Spark Ideas With Design Constraints

  • The Customer Profile & Value Map

  • The Value Proposition Instruction Manual

Other Tools

Enjoy previews of our best selling book, reports on how companies around the world use the Business Model Canvas, as well as our latest tool the Culture Map.

  • Blah Blah Card

  • Business Model Generation Book (preview)

  • Business Model Report

  • The Culture Map

  • Value Proposition Design Book (preview)

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