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Discussion: Concrete Tips For Running An Effective Workshop

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In our first StratChat episode of 2016, workshop facilitator Alison Coward shares insight after insight on designing, running, and managing collaborative workshop sessions. If you're having trouble hosting productive workshops, then try out these proven tips at your next session.

Alison Coward is author of A Pocket Guide To Effective Workshops, and a frequent facilitator of Strategyzer's Masterclass workshop events

In this episode we discuss:

  • Understanding the difference between meetings and workshops
  • What companies get wrong about conducting workshops
  • What makes a great workshop facilitator
  • The value of tools like the Business Model & Value Proposition canvas in workshops
  • How to avoid blah blah blah

Our 2016 Masterclass dates are now live. Join us for 2 days of hands on business model innovation sessions with Alex Osterwalder and other great trainers.  

Building Invincible Companies

Virtual Masterclass 6-9 October 2020

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