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Discussion: Toby Reid On Customer-Centric Healthcare Business Development

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At our last Strategyzer webinar session, BioCity managing director Toby Reid shared insights on how customer discovery is influencing healthcare business development. In this StratChat episode, Toby Reid continues the conversation and shares tips on talking to your customers to test new business ideas, even for an industry like healthcare. 

In this episode, Toby explains:

  • Important tips on conducting customer interviews, especially how to remove bias.
  • How to motivate teams to keep testing when business model and value proposition prototypes fail.
  • Buy-in challenges for tools like the Business Model & Value Proposition Canvas.
  • How to manage short-term and long-term hypotheses. 

Replay The Webinar

The entire webinar with Toby Reid is now on the blog. Replay and enjoy practical insights from the managing director of BioCity on customer-centric healthcare business development. 


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