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Webinar Replay: Customers & Canvases In Healthcare Business Development

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If you missed our last Strategyzer Webinar, no sweat! A recording of the session is available for you here. Watch as Strategyzer co-founder Alex Osterwalder and BioCity managing director Toby Reid discuss the importance of customer discovery within the healthcare industry. 

In this webinar, Alex and Toby discuss:

  • The need for companies in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries to focus on validating market risk alongside technology risk

  • The ability for scientists and business leaders to speak a shared language around strategy and innovation

  • The importance of challenging assumptions, getting out of the building to talk to customers, and gathering hard market evidence

Create growth like BioCity. 

The Strategyzer Innovation Sprint helps you address the challenges of a fast-changing business environment, increased competition, and demanding customers in only 10 weeks .


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