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"Great Strategy Is Really Great Portfolio Management"

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Part 2 of our StratChat conversation with the smart folks at Innosight continues. In this segment, co-founder Mark Johnson and Alex Osterwalder outline concrete steps to implementing business model innovation within a large company setting. Dig in and enjoy. 

Listen to part 1 of this conversation with Scott Anthony here. 

What's discussed in this post?

  • The challenges of enacting business model innovation in a large company.
  • Can companies really perform this kind of innovation?
  • Concrete steps to enact business model innovation in your organization.
  • The leadership revolution that will take place for companies to succeed.
  • Key arguments to make in your organization to encourage business model innovation.

Mark Johnson, co-founder of Innosight

Alex Osterwalder, co-founder of Strategyzer (@AlexOsterwalder)

Kavi Guppta (@kaviguppta)

A Void by Johnny Ripper


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