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Alex Osterwalder: “Companies can’t outsource the validation of their ideas”

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In episode 2 of StratChat, Alex Osterwalder and I chat about the danger of outsourcing the validation of your ideas. You simply can't hire an outside professional to test and learn from customer interactions when searching for a value proposition and business model. You have to roll up your sleeves and do the hard work of getting to know your audience. Listen in as Alex explains how a company can change this habit.

Alex and I had been reviewing a blog post together when the idea for this StratChat episode popped into his head. He was excited to discuss a habit that he's seen in many big companies, and it's something we thought was important to get down on tape. We chat about:

  • Alex's definition of "outsourcing the validation of your ideas"
  • Where this habit exists in large companies
  • The dangers of outsourcing your testing and learning
  • How companies can transform this habit by creating an "invention space"
  • Our suggestion for a leader of that invention space--The Chief Entrepreneur

Alexander Osterwalder, co-founder of Strategyzer (@AlexOsterwalder)

Kavi Guppta (@kaviguppta)

A Void by Johnny Ripper


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