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Friday Catch Up: Surprise Discoveries, Our New Podcast, and More.

If you’ve had a busy week and want to line up some informative weekend reads, check out this collection of recent blog posts from the content team at Strategyzer. 

1. Onboard Executives With The Business Model Canvas

We love hearing about new and unique uses of the Business Model Canvas. Benson Garner writes about how three companies used the Canvas to onboard new executives into their roles. We were surprised to see how quickly CEOs and CFOs could be brought up to speed on their organizations through our visual tool.

2. StratChat with Tomasz Tunguz Of Redpoint Ventures

In this first episode of our new audio segment, we chat with Tom Tunguz, a VC at Redpoint Ventures about Software as a Service companies, the evolution of sales & marketing, and his unique approach to assessing a business in a pitch meeting. Be sure to subscribe to the series, and feel free to download each episode to your device!

3. How Toyota Financial Services Created Strategic Alignment Using Strategyzer Tools

How do you get a large organization to find a shared language and perspective on the challenges they have to face? With no unified understanding of the current situation, how does your team move forward? Read how Toyota’s Financial Services arm used our tools to align the company around their revenue driving goal.

4. Reinvent Your Company While It’s Still Successful

Pulled this one from our archives late last month. Nabila Amarsy explains why companies like Amazon remain successful: they reinvent themselves constantly, and find unique ways to generate revenue out of existing resources. This quick video is an incredible reminder to experiment, fail, and learn especially when you’re still #1.

Enjoy these reads and have a great weekend! 

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Webinar Library

Re-live all of Alex Osterwalders fascinating conversations.

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