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Amazon's Value Proposition: Never Run Out Of Toilet Paper!

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On March 31st Amazon announced its latest service experiment: the Amazon Dash Button! Let me illustrate with the Value Proposition Canvas how Dash Button creates value for Amazon Prime members.

Dash Button is a service that Amazon released exclusively for their Amazon Prime members! The video below showcases the main features of this product:

Pretty neat, isn't it? Now here's how we use the Value Proposition Canvas to articulate how Amazon's Dash Button creates value for customers:

Critical Elements

  1. Amazon observed some of their Prime members' recurring jobs-to-be-done: getting their chores done and focusing on what matters.
  2. Amazon identified some of their Prime members' pains and gains.
  3. Dash Button's value proposition relieves certain pains (e.g. never running of essentials) and creates certain gains (peace of mind).

Tools and Techniques Used

Are you interested in learning more? We previously illustrated one of Amazon's recent initiatives to give away their streaming services to encourage people to sign-up for Amazon Prime.

Can you make explicit how specifically your value propositions create value for customers?


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