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Food For Thought: Quotes & Links On Strategy, Innovation, & Entrepreneurship

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Does your team or organization need some inspiration? Perhaps a bit of motivation can help recharge the entrepreneurial spirit inside your company. In this post, I've collected a handful of powerful quotes on business strategy, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Whether you're a new or established company, there's some insightful wisdom for everyone. 

It's not enough to just inspire you with quotes. I've also linked to some of our useful blog posts so you can turn useful insights into tangible evidence inside your company. 

Innovation Shouldn't Be Career Suicide.

Vala AfsharTweet this quote.

Also See: Why Corporate Leadership Needs To Get Comfortable With Business Model Innovation.

Vijay GovindarajanTweet this quote.

Also See: Mythbusting - Why Big Company Innovation Doesn't Have To Be Expensive.

Tony UlwickTweet this quote.

Also See: What Do Customers Want?

Steve BlankTweet this quote.

Also See: Don't Believe Your Customers!

Clayton ChristensenTweet this quote.

Also See: Great Strategy Is Really Great Portfolio Management.

Share your favourite strategy & innovation quotes below.


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