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Business Model Canvas, Innovation, and Lean Startup Best Practices in Large Organizations: Peer Group Meeting Feb 10

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The Business Model Canvas and Lean Startup methodologies have become standards in the startup world. Yet, in large organizations they have only started to scale over the last 1-2 years. We’re often asked how to do it and how other organizations do it.  In response, we are organizing the first peer group meeting of like-minded executives from large organizations who apply these methodologies.

The objective of the meeting (which is kindly hosted by MasterCard at their HQ) is to learn from peer practitioners in other large organizations how to better apply and scale the Business Model Canvas and Lean Startup methods. The challenges of applying these methodologies in large organizations to design, prototype, test, and iterate business models are distinct from those in a startup context.

 Illustration from Strategyzer's  Value Proposition Design  book. Illustration from Strategyzer's Value Proposition Design book.

We believe that this facilitated exchange among peers, of what works and what doesn’t, is the best way to help practitioners from large organizations advance and overcome these challenges. We have designed specific hands-on and interactive exercises to facilitate this knowledge sharing. We’ll share the collected learnings with participants and a summary of these learnings from the meeting on our blog, without revealing the identity of any of the participating organizations (the workshop will take place under Chatham House Rules). 

Participants will drive the topics addressed, and the knowledge, experiences, and best practices shared. Themes will cover – but not be limited to – the following:

  • Sell: Convince leadership
  • Overcome: Remove obstacles to application and adoption
  • Explore and Prototype: Create a mindset of exploring alternatives
  • Innovate and Experiment: Shift culture change from planning and execution towards early, quick, and affordable experimentation
  • Organize: Design structures to implement these tools and processes
  • Scale: Spread tools and processes, boost organizational adoption
  • Measure and Succeed: Find out if you are making progress and work towards results
  • Your topic: Tell us what you want to learn most about

Has your organization adopted the Business Model Canvas, Innovation, and Lean Startup approach over the last year or two? Do you have lessons learned to share? Could you benefit from peer insights and their experience in overcoming some of the same challenges in a large organization?

Limited spots are still available for participants from a few more organizations (download peer group meeting brochure). If you are interested and meet the participation criteria below, get in touch with us at Participation is by application only.

Participation Criteria:

  • BM Canvas or Lean Startup adoption/working on adoption systemically at department or organization level
  • Senior position championing and managing the process
  • Organization size over 1,000 employee
  • Lessons to share (success stories, failures, major challenges your facing)
  • Implemented BMC/Lean Startup into processes and working systematically with it at organization or department level for over 1 year already

Have you implemented the Business Model Canvas and/or Lean Startup in a large organization? Share your insights, challenges, and more with us!


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