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A unique opportunity to work directly with Alex Osterwalder and the team behind two global bestsellers, Business Model Generation and Value Proposition Design (1m+ copies in 30+ languages). With your proven content creation/writing skills you will help shape our blog and influence business practitioners around the world in this remote working opportunity. 

The opportunity:

Why is this job opportunity particularly unique? 

You will: 

  • Become part of a company and team that is influencing the way strategy, innovation, and entrepreneurship is done globally.
  • Build visibility with (influential) business practitioners worldwide and change the way they work.
  • Join an amazing content team with a proven track record and a global audience.
  • Help shape our blog.
  • Work remotely, autonomously, with flexible working hours, and enjoy team retreats in amazing places like the Swiss Alps.

What we are looking for:

We are very picky, because we want our teams to have fun working together, excel at what they do, and create world-class outputs. 


  • Aspire to use this opportunity to do your best and most influential content work ever.
  • Are senior and have a proven (business) content track record to show.
  • Are creative, curious, innovative, knowledgeable, but still get stuff done effectively.
  • Love simplicity, brevity, and visual communication (almost) more than words.
  • Love (practical) business concepts and innovative companies, and are knowledgeable about them.
  • Have an allergy against meaningless buzzwords.
  • Are not an a**hole (if you haven’t read it, have a look at Bob Sutton’s “No Asshole Rule").


Skills/Track Record:

  • Native English speaker/writer.
  • Outstanding (business) content creation skills. Provide track record (newspaper/magazine articles, blog, books, concepts).
  • Exceptional conceptual thinking skills.
  • Excellent ability to use visuals to simplify complex content. Provide examples. 
  • Outstanding ability to be concise and pedagogical in the simplest possible way without being simplistic.
  • Extensive knowledge of the leading and latest business concepts.
  • Extensive knowledge of the global economy, the business models of leading corporations, and the influence of groundbreaking startups.
  • Understanding of our and related concepts (Business Model Canvas, Value Proposition Canvas, Lean Startup, Disruptive Innovation).
  • Worked in a content creation function (journalist, blogger, TV/video production, case writer, etc.).
  • Good storyteller with a feel for what readers can relate to. 

Attitude/Working Style:

  • Aspires to make a difference, influence business practitioners, and get them to change the way they work.
  • Understands that content needs to be simple, brief, practical, and relevant to make a difference with business people. 
  • Autonomous. Able to work remotely, but stay motivated and productive. Pro-active, entrepreneurial, and takes initiative. Well organized.
  • Team player who sees criticism as an opportunity and collaborates well. Willing to adapt to a new visual style of content. 

The Job:

  • Create content as part of Strategyzer's Content Team.
  • Directly collaborate with Alex Osterwalder, lead author of two global bestsellers Business Model Generation and Value Proposition Design.
  • Create content that helps turn (business) practitioners into users of business tools (like e.g. the Business Model Canvas).
  • Create content on themes such as business models, value propositions, strategy, innovation, organizational culture.
  • Inspire readers with content that (ideally) they can immediately apply (but goes beyond simple checklists). 
  • Main focus on the blog, with contributions to online courses, workshop materials, case studies, and books.
  • 100% full-time position.
  • Remote work or in our Toronto office.
  • Ideally, but not necessarily CET or EST time zone. 
  • Not a consulting position.

How to Apply

Does this sound interesting? Do you cover the requirements above?


  • Tell us why you are the right person.
  • Prototype a draft concept for a blogpost on This is the first editorial step in our blogpost creation process. Here’s what the prototype should look like:
    • it’s NOT an entire post
    • it has a working title
    • an intro that covers WHAT the blogpost is about
    • a paragraph or bullet points explaining WHY we should do this post
    • bullet points or a visual listing the main elements of the blogpost
    • rough sketches/explanations of the illustrations or other visuals that could accompany the post
    • every one of our posts follows these content guidelines and blogpost guidelines.
  • Selected candidates will have the opportunity to draft a full blogpost and get paid for the work. 
  • Only full-time job applications please. No part-time and no consultants.
  • Submit your application with the above prototype and subject line "Amazing New Content Person" to

Illustrations of blogposts we’re proud of:

About Strategyzer

We are a young, fast-growing, and profitable global platform business (software tools, online courses, various content formats, etc.). Strategyzer's tools, applications, and content is used in Fortune 100 companies, startups, social enterprises, and (academic) education. World-class content & dev team. Our business content track record is proven and has a worldwide following.




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Webinar Library

Re-live all of Alex Osterwalders fascinating conversations.

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