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“Hello World”, and welcome to the Strategyzer Blog! This is where our team will regularly share practical content, tools, and processes for strategy, innovation, product management and intrapreneurship that we've learned directly from the field.

Our firsthand experience of what actually works inside of large companies like MasterCard, Intel, Shell, and many others has taught us a lot about our own tools, the Business Model Canvas (BMC) and the Value Proposition Canvas (VPC), and about processes like Lean Startup and Customer Development. We learn so much about what works and what doesn’t that it’s a pity we didn’t have an outlet to share our insights with you more frequently...until now (sign up for regular blog updates)!

The Strategyzer Blog will replace and expand my old personal blog, Business Model Alchemist.  It will help fill the void between our tools, trainings, and the books we publish under the Strategyzer Series, which started with Business Model Generation #bmgen, the global bestseller in over thirty languages. The sequel to #bmgen, Value Proposition Design #VPDesign, will be published this October (be the first to know when the book is released!). Get access to the ideas from the book on the Strategyzer Blog before anybody else and preceding its release.

As with the first book in the series it will be highly visual. Check out the cover of Value Proposition Design, which we finalized just a couple of days ago:

  Click to enlarge graphic...

Please forgive the rough design and don't be alarmed by design improvements as we go along: the Strategyzer Blog is still "under construction". We couldn't wait to start sharing helpful content and introduce you to the team behind it.

The content team that will regularly post here is composed of:







At times we'll also have posts from other members of our team and experienced practitioners sharing their real world experience. 

So why are we really launching this blog? It's because we are passionate about practical business tools and processes and are motivated to make them widely accessible and mainstream. We believe they can really make a difference and help professionals build better businesses.

We like to compare the practice of the strategist and innovator to that of a surgeon. Imagine if we were all trained for more than a decade to learn the anatomy of value creation and the use of a series of tools to conduct our strategic interventions…

Subscribe to our blog now and join us in the journey of becoming strategy and innovation surgeons!



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