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Help Us Prototype our Newest Course: Testing by Strategyzer

Testing by Strategyzer, our newest online course, will walk you through the process of reducing risk and uncertainty around any new business idea. We are in the midst of developing the course, and we wanted to offer you a unique opportunity to co-create the course with the makers of the Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition Design. We have a limited number of licenses for the first 300 users that take us up on our offer to beta test the course.

testing-course-strategyzerIn order to get any new business idea off the ground, our first plan of action must be to de-risk and reduce uncertainty around the new idea. Just throwing a new product or service out into the market and hoping customers will show up is a guaranteed means of losing money, time and energy. In order to avoid business failure, we need to follow a proven process of de-risking.

This online course will take you through the five stages of the testing process:

  1. Extract Hypotheses — Design your business model or value proposition then determine what needs to be true for your idea to work

  2. Design Experiments — test your most critical hypotheses with well thought-out experiments

  3. Collect Evidence — go out to the real world and talk to potential customers

  4. Generate Insights — study your evidence to see whether it validates or invalidates your hypothesis

  5. Take Action — make informed decisions to move your idea forward: pivot, persevere or abandon

The Testing course uses a series of online, micro-learning videos to help you to understand the methodology and the testing process. You’ll practice what you’ve learned with hands-on, interactive exercises and you’ll gain practical tools and insights from case studies.

strategyzer-blog-book-visual-2Just like you, we are in the process of creating a new value proposition , and we want to test it with like-minded users. We are offering a prototype of our Testing course to a limited number of users: the first 300 people to sign up will get the course at a reduced fee of USD $399.99* (plus VAT for EU residents) and will also have access to the full course once it is ready to go later this year: that’s a 33% savings compared to the USD $599.99 price of the final course.

Upon purchasing the course, two chapters will be made available to you immediately - that’s 14 videos and 3 exercises to practice what you’ve learned. We will then provide updates and further lessons on a monthly basis. We’ll ask for your feedback throughout the course so we can learn directly from our users and build the best learning experience for you.

*Get access to the first two chapters immediately with more to be released each month. Once we launch the final course, you will have full access without paying anything more.


For any questions please visit the FAQ section on the testing website page!

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The Invincible Company

How to constantly reinvent your organization.

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