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Forever Employable: Building Invincible Careers with Jeff Gothelf, Tendayi Viki & Alex Osterwalder


We often talk about invincible companies that are resilient to change. Particularly in the current environment. But these uncertain times also impact us as individuals, in our careers. Last week we hosted author Jeff Gothelf to discuss how people can build an invincible career and become forever employable. In the webinar, Jeff takes us through his journey and how he went from looking for jobs to building up to his career - where jobs would come looking for him. So, how do you get this done?


In this webinar, Jeff recommends the five following steps:

1. Plant a Flag  🚩

Choose something you want to be known for. What is something you want to own?

2. Tell Your Story ✍️

Make your knowledge and skills visible. Ask yourself, what story is unique to you.

3. Follow the New Path ⛰️

Don’t look back at your old work when new opportunities arise - reinvent yourself.

4. Teaching 👩‍🏫

This is the best way to develop expertise and also build your reputation

5. Give It All Away 🎁

The more knowledge you give away the more your reputation grows. People often fear giving stuff away, but actually it doesn’t hurt you. It can actually help build your reputation. Which is the goal because remember, you want jobs to find you.

Watch the webinar replay:

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