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Comparing Business Models: Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft, Amazon & Facebook

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All five tech giants have similar business model building blocks, but the importance of each block varies in each model. We break it down for you in a first rough conceptual prototype.


The table above that I’ve put together was triggered by this great visual put together by Visual Capitalist (scroll down to the bottom of this post to see the image). The image by Visual Capitalist does a great job of comparing the major revenues. I thought it could be interesting to break that comparison down even further beyond the revenue element of each company’s business model.

When you look at the prototype table above you see how all five companies have very similar building blocks, but the importance of each one of those building blocks vary in each business model. This is a very rough comparison; and if I had taken more time, I’d have drawn up and compared Business Model Canvases for each company. And if you attend our Masterclasses or take an online course, you’ll see that we’ve analyzed some of the above business models in more detail (e.g. the evolution of Apple’s business model over time).

This is a work-in-progress, and I welcome your feedback or comments to help progress this analysis. Click through to the spreadsheet and leave me your thoughts directly in the document.

chart-five-tech-companies-revenues (1)
Image source: Visual Capitalist.

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